NYS Boating & PWC Safety Course

This is the NYS Approved 8 hour classroom Course that you can earn your Boating and Mandatory Personal Watercraft certificate.

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Private NYS Boating & PWC Safety

This is a Private NYS Approved 8 Hour Course is given at your Location, Business, Office, Marina, School, Church, Library, etc.

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Hands On At The Helm on the Water

This on water private course on your boat custom to your boat. From pre-departure to securing the last line at arrival.

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About Captain Rick

Boating in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Waterways
for over 25 years.

  • USCG Licensed Master Captain 100 ton Near Coastal.
  • Boating Instructor, Docking , Navigation and Safety
  • 25 years boating experience
  • CPR- First Aid Certification AED

My professional services include managing, transporting and chartering yachts. I serve as a private captain to yacht owners and provide training for docking, safety, and navigation techniques.

I am very passionate about boating and have a great respect for the sea. Safety is very important to me as well as making sure you and your passengers experience was pleasurable.


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What Our Students Says

  • Wow! What a great day with Captain Rick. I am an experienced Captain but attend the class with my two sons. Captain Rick has an incredabale teaching style. He kept a room of over 30 students totally comfortable, engaged, entertained and walking away with knowledge and confidence. I have attended many courses over the years, but Captain Ricks is by far top on the list. Not an easy task to successfully teach to 10 year olds up through seniors. He did it flawlessly. I highly recomend this course with Captain Ricardo Mendez!! Date of Posting: 23 March 2015 Posted By: Captain Anthony Coulianidis
    —from Captain Anthony Coulianidis
  • What an awesome tutor. Not only the whole class was informative captain Rick made it an memorable experience by his charismatic teaching skill. His experiences on boat and his ways of explaining was awesome. I will definitely recommend everyone to take this class before they ever get on a boat no matter what age they are. We had age group starting from 10 to 65 and I am sure everyone enjoyed every minute of this class. I myself won't mind taking this class again when I buy my own boat. 5 stars too captain Rick and his teaching skills. Highly recommended.
    Shivam Patel
    July 2014
  • This course is great! I took this course so that I can drive my friend's jet-ski, and to know the traffic rules in the waters. But I was actually surprised on how much practical information about safety I learned in this class! I would recommend it to everybody. Even if you just take water taxi every once in a while, or enjoy those party cruises. Captain Rick a great instructor! The way he presents material is fun, and easy to remember. He doesn't just follow the book, he gives tons of examples from real life. Now I feel more confident as a water craft passenger or driver!
    Liudmila M.
    July 2014 
  • Captain Rick is an amazing instructor. I was excited going into this course because I love boating and being out on the water. But I was also a bit hesitant because I've heard horror stories from friends about how long the classes are and how boring it can be. Well, I can assure you that none of them took Captain Ricks class. From the start of the class he was energetic and made you feel very comfortable. He covered all topics to make you feel extremely confident with being on the water. He also always had a personal experience story to tell which made everything he taught more realistic. It definitely shows that he has an incredible teaching ability and that he loves what he does. His heart is fully into this and he cares that each of his students are more knowledgeable leaving his class. I aced the written test and am so much more informed about the water than I ever was. I owe it all to Captain Rick. Great job Captain, I will be recommending this course to all I know. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!! Happy and safe boating everyone!!
    Greg Marchese
    July 2014
  • Rick mendez is a great captain I learned a lot and experience a whole new field of knowledge that I never knew before.. I went from knowing nothing to knowing the hands-on rules of the sea by attending Captain Ricks classes... I would recommend anyone who has zero experience and knowledge of the ocean to attend his classes. USboatschool.com is very affordable and easy to Attend...my named is Mohamed maylou, and b.c of Rick not only do I have a new friend, but most important of all, knowledge!! Thank you captain Rick.

    Mohamed maylou

    July 2014

  • Captain Mendez was on top of his game! Great teacher and extremely informative myself and my son both were very happy to attend this course with him as an instructor. We have nothing negative to say all positive he made everything easy to understand about the safety of being on the water. thank you
    By: Robert Marina and son
    August 2014
  • Ricardo Mendez did an excellent job with his class. He hit all the important points and did so in a way that kept the extremely long class interesting and fun. And, he was able to keep the younger students and children engaged and interested. I am a 48 year old boater that has been on the water and have had boats since I was 7 years old, with boat sizes ranging from a 13' Boston Whaler to a 42' Sea Ray. I pride myself in knowing and respecting both the water and boating. I was very impressed and he made this experience truly enjoyable for myself as well where i can say i learned a lot
    Date of Posting: 11 June 2014 By: Richard M Racanelli
  • Definitely 2 thumbs up!! he was a really great teacher! focused on all the important info and gave it all over in a very light and entertaining way... i aced it, so definitely says somethin abt it! i learned who has the right of way, and he gave great hints to remember what the the navigation lights represent among other things... and always WEAR A LIFE JACKET even if your an amazing swimmer- u never know, it just may save ur life one day! so thank you captain rick, i recommend this highly and i appreciate the time and effort u invested! have a good one ~esty
    Date of Posting: 30 June 2014 By: esty rosenfeld
  • Taking the boat safety class was very informative to me. Captain Mendez was very productive as the instructor. He kept the class' attention at all times while making the information fun to learn. Captain Mendez was a pleasure to have as an instructor, most especially for involving everyone in the class in order to ensure that everyone in attendance had a decent grasp of the information. It must be difficult to instruct a class of 25 or more people in such a short period of time yet have everyone in the room truly benefit and absorb all the information provided. I would recommend Captain Mendez highly for any of your boating instructional needs.
    Date of Posting: 13 May 2014 By: Joshua L. Smith
  • I initially took this class so that I could use a Jet Ski without getting a summons as the new law dictates. I thought that it would ruin a perfectly good Saturday because the class takes the whole day.I could not have been further from the truth.If you want to see a Broadway play without paying the price of a Broadway ticket, take Capt. Ricks course. He was entertaining and informative at the same time.Not only did I pass my test but you come away with more of appreciation of the water and more respect for the danger that you can encounter on the seas.Kudos to Capt Rick and Aye Aye Captain full speed ahead for a happy and safe summer!
    Date of Posting: 22 May 2014 By: Dennis Terminello
  • Dear Captain Ric, Thanks for sharing your dynamism, contagious enthusiasm and maritine knowledge with me and my fellow classmates. Your empathy for those unfortunate souls maimed and killed in sea mishaps came through very forcefully with hard hitting effect on our emotions and future boating habits, it is a lasting impression not soon forgotten by us. You have given me new insights and knowledge as an instructor that I hope to pass along to my students in future boating safety classes. I Hope to soon meet you again when I enroll my grand son who just turned ten. I wish you well, Hank Cerasoli USCG Auxiary certified ABS instructor NY Parks NY State Boating Safety Instructor (pending) Captain FDNY (ret.) Class of April 27, 2014
    Date of Posting: 30 April 2014 By: Hank Cerasoli
  • I went to Capt. Rick's class on sunday April 6. I have to say I did not want to spend my sunday sitting in a room listening to things I wouldn't understand. I was very surprised and happy with Capt. Rick's class. He made the class fun, educational and eye opening all at the same time. His dedication and love for the boating world shows in every word he speaks. I learned a lot from his class and I ask anyone and everyone who is even slightly interested in boating, to please take this class with Capt. Rick. You can never be too safe out there in the water and Capt. Rick is one of the best to teach you all about it.
    Date of Posting: 07 April 2014 By: Anis A.
  • "Esteemed Captain Rick Mendez: I Truly enjoyed taking the New York State Parks and Recreations NASBLA / Boating Safety Certification Course last week at the Hicks Center. Thank you very much for being such a gracious instructor. Your commitment to training future sea bound boaters is appreciated. You are a wonderful instructor. Your Knowledge and experience is evident in the way you present the material. As an instructor You have a great way of explaining the do’s and don'ts of boating and have made me aware of the importance of the proper safety protocol. The information that was covered in your class was extremely impressive. Indeed, I was convinced during my training that I had made the right choice by selecting the course taught by You, for such an important milestone. I am looking forward to getting out on the water and applying some if not all of what I learned on April 5th, 2014’s class. Once again thanks for making my experience wonderful. I had a great day learning at The Hicks Center and left Staten Island with a very confident feeling. I will recommend your Class and Website to all my sea bound friends, and thank you once again."

    Date of Posting: 07 April 2014

     By: Jure Rumora

  • My family and I took Captain Rick's class this past Sunday. We all passed the test and now have our boating licenses. The safety class was awesome! Class started at 9 a.m. and finished at about 5 p.m. (including the test given) The class never felt dreadfully boring. Captain Rick was not only extremely informative, but he made the class fun! He kept our attention and we learned so much. We highly recommend taking his class, trust me you will not be bored. 
    Date of Posting: 01 April 2014 By: Paula Fazio
  • I took this class with my husband and my two boys and I have to say Rick and his friends did a great job!It was enjoyable it was funny it didn't seem like a long class even though was a full day. We really learned a lot.I'm a new boater and I walked away with a lot more than I came in with.It was great!
    Date of Posting: 05 April 2014 By: Carolyne Greene
  • I recently took this class and passed, YAY !!! Rick and Lou were my instructors and they were great. They both brought a world of knowledge, life experience and great stories to the class. Their was rarely a dull moment. The class was actually fun and informative, but all kidding aside I learned more than I thought I would. I can honestly say that I took a greater appreciation of the water and boating away with me. We all think the water and boating is just a "good ole time" which in can be, but one accident can easily become a tragedy and can change our life forever. This class taught me it's not all about fun. We as boaters have a responsibility to safety ! Safety for ourselves and for others. There are rules to keep us all safe and out of danger. I have an awareness now that I did not have before the class. Thank you Rick and Lou for teaching us some great safety tips and to read the labels on stuff we buy for the boat !
    Date of Posting: 25 March 2014 By: Beth Maguire
  • Ricardo is a great instructor keeps you awake (even when your class is the next day of a previous night of partying).I really didn't know nothing about boating and he open my eyes to a lot of the dangers and enjoyments of it. His review of everything was great. I'm considering taking a hands in training with him would recommend him to anyone.
    Date of Posting: 21 March 2014 By: Naomi Alicea
  • I am very thankful with Mr. Ricardo Mendez who is a great teacher. He was very clear and explain the class perfectly. I appreciate his time and dedication that he express. Will definitely recommend him.
    Date of Posting: 19 March 2014 By: Nikitas Theologitis
  • Thanks to Capt. Rick, my girlfriend and I are now safe boaters! Although I'm comfortable on the water, my girlfriend is not and this was the class to put her mind at ease (and mine too as she now knows safe boating techniques, radio channels, how to read buoys and how to navigate in and around other boats). Along with reaffirming everything she learned, I also took away some great pointers on close quarter maneuvering and using the wind to your advantage. Take the class, you'll be glad you did!
    Date of Posting: 22 March 2014 By: John Flynn
  • Excellent class. Being a boater since I was a teenager, I actually learned more. Being an 8 hour class, I dreaded it. Thought I would be bored to death. The presentation really held my interest throughout the entire time. Looked forward to getting back to class after the breaks. Have been recommending your class to all my fellow boaters ever since. I may be giving you a call to attend one of your "hands on" classes. Could use some polishing up on my docking skills in various types of weather. Thanks again!!!!!!!
    Date of Posting: 22 March 2014 By: George J. Mueller
  • We took the course on Sunday and found it eye-opening and highly informative. Captain Rick has an effective presentation style. He knows how to keep a classroom engaged, and had contagious enthusiasm for the topic. We have greater respect for boating now, which is probably the most important lesson. We highly recommend this course with Captain Rick for your instructor, and will be sharing that with our friends as well.
    Date of Posting: 16 November 2013
     By: Philip O'Neill
  • Capt. Rick, just wanted to say few words after the class at College Point today....excellent class and excellent teacher. Can not find anyone better than you. We'll be in touch !! Thank you so much !!
    Date of Posting: 27 July 2013
     By: Andrew Huang
  • Captain Rick ... you were great ... I never thought 8 hours would go by so fast, I learned so much and I have been boating for 20 years. Even my 12 year old paid attention the entire class. Thank you ... You really opened my eyes to so many things and my family will be so much safer on the water, I look forward to taking your hands on docking class.
    Date of Posting: 25 October 2013
     By: Richard Pash
  • I just completed this course with Capt. Rick and was pleasantly surprised at how informative the class was and how quickly time passed. His explanation of boating road rules for give-way and stand-on vessels was so amazingly clear and simple. Through his passion for the boating lifestyle, he not only teaches safety on the waters but an overall respect for boating. Two thumbs up!
    Date of Posting: 24 February 2014
     By: Connie
  • I took Capt. Ricky's Boater Safety course this past weekend and I learned a lot of good information. He made the class enjoyable and fun. Being a new boat owner he made me feel confident when I go out this season, with everything I learned. It was an 8 hr. course, but he made it interesting, and the time was well spent. Thanks again Capt. Ricky, see you on the water.
    Date of Posting: 24 February 2014
     By: Eric Bush
  • Very articulate and engaging! The class was thorough without being dry. We learned a lot and retained a lot of information thanks to effort of the instructor. I strongly recommend Rick.
    Date of Posting: 04 March 2014
     By: Yuriy,Oksana, Marina
  • Captain Rick & Lou are very knowledgable, energetic & passionate about boating and our safety. I highly recommend this course to everyone who plans to be on the waters around NYC & LI.
    Date of Posting: 06 March 2014
    By: Chris Hinchey

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